Safe Stops for Delivery Drivers

Driving a truck in NYC is no walk in the park. Poor temporary parking for delivery decisions could easily cost you more than you get for stopping in the first place. So how do you know what’s safe and what’s forbidden territory?

Luckily the City of New York has a guide just for you. Just make sure that you have commercial plates. That requires that your vehicle has been converted for deliveries. Using the family minivan to make deliveries for your weekend job doesn’t count.

Let’s take a look at some rule highlights:

Parking of unaltered commercial vehicles prohibited – If you got commercial plates for your family minivan, but haven’t converted it by removing the seats (other than the front seats) it won’t be treated as a commercial vehicle.

Angle standing or parking of commercial vehicles – Parking at an angle is ok only as a last resort. If you can safely unload in a more reasonable position, go for that. If you have to park at an angle, make sure there’s enough room for other vehicles to pass.

Parking and Standing Near Bicycle Lanes – As long as there are no signs or police officers who state otherwise, double parking for deliveries and pickups is ok. Watch out for bike lanes, though. Parking in a bike lane will get you a ticket, so be sure to park beside it.

Click here to learn more about these rules, and all the rules associated with temporary standing of a commercial vehicle.

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