How Soon is Too Soon for a Second Parking Ticket in NYC?

A common complaint we hear is about getting multiple tickets on the same day for the same violation. It’s frustrating to find out that your have two tickets just a couple hours apart. Many say it’s unfair, has to be a mistake, and immediately submit a dispute, only to be found guilty. So, is it possible to get two tickets on the same day? Absolutely. You can even get them in the same location, but there are some cases where you may be able to get the second ticket dismissed.

Duplicate Tickets – Location

You can receive a ticket for the same violation every three hours. If you are parked in a prohibited area, for an entire day, you can easily come back to three or four tickets. The best course of action, naturally, is to move your car to a more suitable location. However, if you do rack up multiple tickets, make sure to check the times they are issued. If there is less than three hours between two tickets, you can dispute them and have the second one dismissed.

Duplicate Tickets – Status

A status violation refers to your registration or inspection stickers. Because the solutions to these violations are more involved than simply moving your car, you can only get one once each day. Take note, however, that this doesn’t necessarily mean every 24 hours, so disputing that ticket you got 24 hours later may be futile.

You can learn more about common dispute reasons here.

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