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Temporary Parking Signs Take Precedence

As you already know, signs rule the street when it comes to parking. Unfortunately, these signs don’t always agree, so what’s a motorist to do? When in doubt, refer to the newest sign. According to the New York City Department of Transportation Traffic Rules: (6) Paper or other temporary signs.

Alternate Side Parking Fines Increased to $65 Citywide

The NYC Department of Sanitation announced recently that Alternate Side Parking (ASP) violations have been set at $65 citywide. What does this mean for you? It depends on where you’re parking your car. Previously, only ASP tickets issued below 96th street in Manhattan were set at the $65 rate. All

A blocked bike lane is dangerous

Is The NYC Bike Lane Becoming More Dangerous For Riders And Drivers?

Bikers In NYC Are Tough…But A Blocked Bike Lane Can’t Be Beat Biking has become very popular in New York City over the past few decades. Now, the practice is so common that bicycles sometimes outnumber cars on certain city streets during rush hour. You can see bike lane after