Month: August 2018

Data can give remarkable insights into driver behavior

How Data On Driver Behavior Can Make Our Rides Safer

Driver’s Can Get Stuck In Their Ways… Old habits die hard. Changing any driving behavior can prove difficult, and risky driving habits won’t disappear overnight. According to one study, about 87 percent of drivers have engaged in at least one risky driving behavior incident within the past month. Aggressive driving

Be careful when passing a school bus in NYC!

Why You Really Don’t Want To Illegally Pass A School Bus In NYC This Fall

Schools Almost here… New York City has a lot of kids and with that comes a lot of school buses. As the new school year inches closer, roads will soon see a lot more traffic. Unfortunately, this increases the possibility of terrible traffic and pedestrian accidents on our city streets.

vehicle idling is a problem in nyc

Vehicle Idling Hurts More Than Your Car…

Idling Your Car In The City Is Unnecessary New York City is miserably hot and humid during the dog days of summer. In particular, August can be especially brutal. If you ever sat in traffic during New York’s heat waves, you know how terrible it is. At the end of

Parking Meter rates will jump soon!

Parking Meter Rates Will Soon Increase Citywide

It’s No Secret, Driving In NYC Is Pricey… Having a car in NYC can be expensive. Between gas, insurance and dealing with parking meters, it’s quite easy to burn all your hard earned money in the fuel tank. Sorry NYC drivers but things might get a little more expensive. Starting

E-bikes are coming to NYC

E-Bikes Become Street Legal In NYC And Bikers Love It

Bikers Can Now Cruise The City Streets With Ease… New Yorkers are always on the move. Whether by car, bike or walking, New Yorkers have a variety of ways to get around town. Now there’s another option hitting the road that gives New Yorkers a way to get around the

Reckless driving is very dangerous

Reckless Driving In NYC Is As Dangerous As It Sounds

NYC Needs Safe City Streets NYC has aggressively worked towards making its streets safer for all who use it. WIth a number of recent, high-profile accidents splashed across the local news, many in the city continue to push for tougher traffic enforcement laws. For many safety advocates, its important for